This year’s Exhibition Development Seminar class examines the continuously shifting definition of shelter through the interdisciplinary group exhibition, Under Cover. The show explores how private dwellings and public spaces have begun to merge—and how, as a result, concepts of and expectations for shelter, protection, and privacy have been irrevocably altered. Densely populated cities, surveillance of the public, and digital overexposure of personal information have contributed to dissolving the boundary between public and private space. As public domain continues to advance, perhaps the only shelter left is in the privacy of the mind.


About Exhibition Development Seminar (EDS):

Founded in 1997 by MA Curatorial Practice Director George Ciscle, EDS is a two-semester course that integrates students from undergraduate, graduate, and continuing studies programs. Through apprenticeships with professional mentors and class assignments, teams of students focus on the planning and execution of a single exhibition- including exhibition and graphic design, public programming, interpretive texts, community outreach and educational programming, publications, website, and media relations.


The following students collaborated to create this year’s EDS exhibition Under Cover, directing every phase of the show’s development – from the selection of a theme to commissioning specific projects from artists; to designing all print and web materials, educational programs, and the show’s physical installation in Decker Gallery.


Elizabeth Beasley, born in Simi Valley, California is a Graphic Design major in her Junior year, minoring in Art History, Theory & Criticism and concentrating in Curatorial Studies. Currently an intern at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, she is developing a new visual identity for a young adult program aimed towards people aged 25 and older. Her work has a minimalist approach with strong emphasis on typographical exploration. Her main emphasis is on print and brand development.


Born and raised in Sykesville, Maryland, Amy Beverungen is currently a Junior studying Art History, Theory & Criticism and General Fine Arts with a concentration in Curatorial Studies. Her art historical research examines how human beings understand and react to their surroundings from prehistory to the digital era. Her studio work addresses evolving cultural perceptions of the environment in post-modern and contemporary life.


Born and raised in Paris, France, Sarah-Twiggy Boyer moved to the United States at the age of 13. Now in her Senior year, she is majoring in Painting with a Curatorial Studies concentration. Her work addresses themes of memory, her personal history, and the racial relations between African-Americans and Jews.


Alesha Burk, from Atlanta, Georgia, is a senior Interdisciplinary Sculpture major, a Curatorial Studies concentrator, and is a member of the EDS Management team. Her work is often materially based, with a specific interest in mirrors, metal, and wood. These materials are used to explore a range of ideas, from human mortality to architecturally inspired liminal space.


Lola Castelo is a Senior double majoring in Painting and Art History, Theory & Criticism with a Curatorial Studies concentration. She was born and raised in Kauai, Hawaii. Her work focuses on the subtle balance between abstraction and representation, and the ethereal nature of beauty.


Tahira Christian is a Painting and Art History, Theory & Criticism double major with a concentration in Curatorial Studies. Originally from New York City, she currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland while in her Senior year. As an artist, she celebrates and mourns warm moments of her childhood, and interprets how memories can transform, grow cold, and erode with the passage of time. While she works to complete her BFA, she simultaneously curates and exhibits around Baltimore.


Logan Dixon is a senior Painting major with a minor Art History, Theory & Criticism and a concentration in Curatorial Studies. Having come to Baltimore from New Orleans, Louisiana, Logan has had first-hand experiences of the forces of nature and the threshold of the human spirit. His art incorporates imagery of his episodic dreams in a Western Classical style, causing the viewer to question what is real and what is fictional. Logan works to keep old 16th-19th century painting techniques alive, while addressing pressing contemporary issues.


Tommy P. Doyle was born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin. He is currently pursuing his BFA in Drawing and Printmaking. His work employs drawing, printmaking, collage, and digital tools to create two-dimensional pieces that demonstrate appropriation and alteration of text and images. In addition, he has worked on the collaborative projects that involve elements of performance, installation, theater and film. Doyle gained teaching experience in Tennessee, Maryland, and California. His work has been exhibited in Baltimore MD, Milwaukee, WI; Kansas City, MO; and Detroit, MI.


Seri Pak was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. As a Senior majoring in General Fine Arts, minoring in Art History, Theory & Criticism and Curatorial Studies, Seri currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. From her love of studying art history and curating, she is pursuing the path of becoming a curator. As an artist, she is currently making artwork that depicts how she sees and understands the world.


A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Planta Reeder earned both visual and performance art degrees from Tyler School of Fine Arts, The University of the District of Columbia, Howard University, and The Maryland Institute of College of Art. Incorporating visual and performance art, her work uses photographed self portraits that are reinterpreted as large scale drawn and painted self portraits. She is currently completing work for upcoming solo and group shows throughout the United States and abroad.


Annie Rochelle is a Junior Painting major from Knoxville, Tennessee. Her work investigates the human figure in a way that walks the line of realism and abstraction, while exploring the boundaries and liberties of oil paint. A high regard for craftsmanship and materiality has led her to pursue a career in painting conservation and restoration.


Jennifer Tam was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is currently a Senior Painting and Art History, Theory & Criticism double major, with concentrations in Curatorial Studies and Book Arts. Her paintings fuse Eastern and Western art traditions in autobiographical scenes that depict issues unique to Asian-Americans, and have been exhibited throughout Baltimore, Philadelphia, Indiana, and Miami. In addition to her studio practice, she currently serves as Coordinator for Subbasement Artist Studios in downtown Baltimore.


Sage Trail grew up in Ashland, Oregon before attending MICA in 2008. He is now a Senior pursuing a BFA in Painting with a concentration in Curatorial Studies. He works in painting and drawing, creating figurative work that addresses different aspects of identity. His current body of work consists of large drawings of mystical figures that he covers in patterns and symbols. Sage’s drawings reveal his fascination with intricacy and symmetry.


Tiffany Tsui is a Baltimore-based artist from Los Altos, California. She is a Senior Art History, Theory & Criticism major, concentrating in Curatorial Studies and Ceramics. Her ceramics work consists of mixed media. Throughout her work at MICA, she has participated in many community activities, and intends to pursue a career in child education. Christian Tucci is in his Junior year, and originally from New Jersey. He is studying Interdisciplinary Sculpture with studio concentrations in Curatorial Studies and Sustainability & Social Practice. He works in a wide variety of mediums, including drawing/painting, woodworking, and metalworking.


Andrew Walters is a Senior Graphic Design major and Interaction Design and Art concentrator from Rochester, MI. Andrew is interested in traditional design practices as well as generative and code based work. He has recently interned with Housing Works’ design team in NYC in the project for which they received a 2011 Sappi Ideas that Matter Grant.